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Oh My Darling Broadside

Publication Date: March 2015


Cate O’Toole, “Clementine”

BLP Chapbook Broadside Series

5.5 x 8.5 Natural Cardstock, Fine Paper Trim

Each BLP broadside is handmade & unique – the design and trim will vary a bit broadside by broadside. These beautiful art objects are handmade in a limited edition to accompany the release of each new BLP chapbook.


What wondrous and magical stories Cate O’Toole has woven in these dark, revisionist tales of Clementine, who comes powerfully and heartbreakingly alive under O’Toole’s ministrations. The brilliant format allows readers to choose how they move through the collection, and which narratives they want to privilege. Reminiscent of Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber, O’Toole creates such utterly genuine and believable (if sometimes scary!) characters and landscapes you’ll forget you are reading fiction. And you’ll never listen to “Oh, My Darling, Celmentine” in the same way after reading this book.

-Sheryl St. Germain, author of Navigating Disaster: Sixteen Essays of Love and a Poem of Despair

About the Author

Cate O’Toole

Cate O'Toole was awarded a Rachel Carson Fellowship and earned her MFA in fiction from Chatham University. She is the author of the chapbook Big Women, Big Girls (Stamped Books, 2011) and her stories have appeared in Six Sentences and the 6S Vol. 1 anthology, Wanderlust Review, the Linnet's Wings, shady side review and elsewhere. Cate was the 2012 recipient of the Poetry & Prose Winter Getaway's Jan-Ai Scholarship. She lives and writes in Seattle, WA.

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