The Black River Chapbook Competition Winner


Publication Date: August 2010


This title is out of print.


Winner of the Fall 2008 Black River Chapbook Competition

In these four stories, Tina Egnoski’s characters struggle with sibling rivalry, race, grief, and poverty while remaining decidedly rooted in the Southern landscape, particularly Florida, where the author grew up. The atmosphere tends to be sultry. The terrain is as varied as the breezy coast of the Gulf and the stifling heat of a fruit grove. Smell the stench of a brackish river; feel your pores tighten in the salty air.


“Tina Egnoski takes significant risks with her stories, which pay off in significant rewards for the reader. She melds historical characters and events, delves deep into the most difficult emotions, and shows the pain inherent in daring to love. This is distinctive and memorable work by an exciting new author, from whom we will no doubt be hearing more in the future.”

-Jessica Treadway

These stories feature an impressive variety of voices, from the mournful reflections of a young mother whose infant has died, to a 5th grader’s naïve reports of racial conflict in a Florida town. Spare yet evocative imagery abounds-as when the fire imagined by a young girl conveys both her rage and the infuriating sexual power of her older sister. Surprising, moving, and funny by turns, these skillfully told stories explore the perishability of what we feel, know, and love.”

-Tracy McCabe

About the Author

Tina Egnoski

Tina Egnoski is a fiction writer and poet. She’s the author of two books: Perishables, which won the Black River Chapbook Award and is available from Black Lawrence Press, and In the Time of the Feast of Flowers, winner of the Clay Reynolds Novella Prize (Texas Review Press, 2012). Her work has appeared in Backwards City Review, Cimarron Review, Folio, Hawaii Pacific Review and Louisville Review, among other journals. Tina has received literature fellowships from the Colorado Council on the Arts and Humanities and the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts. A Florida native, she currently lives in New England with her husband and son.

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