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ISBN: 978-0-9815899-2-3
Categories Fiction, Short Stories

Signs of Life

Publication Date: August 2008


In Signs of Life, Norman Waksler deftly weaves stories of change both brutal and subtle, encounters both urban and urbane. Covering life from the first childhood pangs of love to the moral conundrums of midlife, the stories in this collection delicately reveal the intersection of sepia-toned nostalgia and full-color truth. The reader is plunged into ordinary lives punctuated by extraordinary events, seeing how, as Waksler writes, “…even the most satisfactory life [can] be broken apart and rearranged by a single bit of wayward information.”


“Like Chekhov, Waksler finds the drama in small problems…”

-Dale Barrigar

About the Author

Norman Waksler

Norman Waksler has published short stories and flash fiction in a variety of journals, print and online, most recently Epicenter, The Tidal Basin Review, Sunsets and Silencers, Cybersoleil Journal, The Valparaiso Fiction Review and Thick Jam. He has been the recipient of a Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship in Fiction, and has appeared in Best American Short Stories. A previous collection, The Book of Regrets, is published by the Main Street Rag Press. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts with his wife, the Sociologist, Frances Chaput Waksler.

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