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The Beitelman Bundle

Publication Date: July 2015


You heard us right, four Beitelman books for just $26.95.


“In TJ Beitelman’s poems, ‘everything’s a powder / keg,’ where everyday occurrences explode into expressions of joy and heartache. Americana begins with an examination of American icons and institutions, then moves out in widening circles to encompass everything from Greek myth to global politics. Here you’ll find strange bedfellows-Bogart and the Big Bang, Hank Aaron and Buddhism, Hezbollah and Frank O’Hara-drawn together by Beitelman’s nimble mind. Full of surprising turns and observations, Americana is a wide-eyed view of the extraordinary world around us, one most of us rarely have the capacity to see.”

-Mark Neely, author of Beasts of the Hill

Believe me when I tell you I am writing this note on the Feast of the Epiphany witnessing this smorgasbord of eye-opening delectable dialects spread out in TJ Beitelman’s John the Revelator. The tongues with which Mr. Beitelman speaks are legion. Slick, studded, silky, budding with delight. This is a delicious mixed mash-up of texts, recovered from the electro-magnetic soup we can call the unconscious consciousness. Believe me! Who knew you were the operator standing by to receive this book’s urgent call?”

-Michael Martone

The reach of this exuberant and anguished book is potent, and made more so by the force of restraint. The subjects TJ Beitelman encounters here-beauty, love, sin, being, thought, felicity-are driven through the sieve of American culture, and out comes fragments, the leavings of what we were once instructed to value. Part of the edifice is gone, eroded, demeaned, cheapened, misused. At some point, however, the voice behind these deadpan yet lyrically fluid poems realizes how naïve it would be to reject outright the grace of descent, because that would erase the possibility of coming back. This is a book about coming back, coming back to being whole and wholly changed. And what a moving, intelligent, and measured book it is.”

-Maurice Manning

Beitelman’s voice is sure as we navigate a roadmap between oasis and urban beehive, clarifications on loneliness, aloneness, and solitude. The ‘pilgrims’ in this sequence desire a fresh authenticity (of self and in relationship), but are finally left only to stare: ‘…There’s no one left but / You to watch You now’ amid the ‘shimmer, shine, and show.’ Mirrors. A disorienting existential pose surrounded by street-talk of the street-smart. Pilgrims: A Love Story draws the reader to the tough and simple sheen of language, and to its ever-questioning narrative. The old tale of ‘wait and see’ echoing once more.”

-Katherine Soniat

About the Author

TJ Beitelman

TJ Beitelman is a writer and teacher living in Birmingham, Alabama. He’s published a novel, John the Revelator, and a collection of short fiction, Communion, as well as two collections of poetry: In Order to Form a More Perfect Union and Americana, all from Black Lawrence Press. His stories and poems have appeared widely in literary magazines, and he’s received fellowships from the Alabama State Council on the Arts and the Cultural Alliance of Greater Birmingham. He taught writing and literature at Virginia Tech, where he earned an M.A. in English, and at the University of Alabama, where he earned an M.F.A. in creative writing and also edited Black Warrior Review. He currently directs the creative writing program at the Alabama School of Fine Arts in Birmingham. He can be found on-line at tjbman.me.

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