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ISBN: 978-0976899310
Categories Poetry

The Vietnam Ecclesiastes

Publication Date: June 2007


D. C. Berry does it again with his third, long-awaited collection: with his signature wit and unmistakable style, he hits home on the absurdity of war. The Vietnam Ecclesiastes is a fusion of racy comedy and sharp criticism that only the legendary D. C. Berry could do.

About the Author

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D.C. Berry

D.C. Berry (David Chapman Berry) is a retired professor of English at the Center for Writers, the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He has been published in journals too numerous to list, and in several anthologies of Southern writing. He has received grants from the Southern Federation of States Arts Agencies and the Mississippi Arts Commission. His other books include Divorce Boxing (Eastern Washington University Press) Saigon Cemetery (University of Georgia Press).

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