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ISBN: 978-0981589930

Unending Rooms

Publication Date: November 2008


The winner of the Hudson Prize, this collection of stories, mainly set in the Southwest, digs deep into the lives of its characters. Daniel Chacon’s writing is very lucid and dips into Carveresque plain talk at times, but he isn’t afraid to use pretty descriptions as well.


“Although the impact of these stories is utterly adult, they are told with deceptive and seductive simplicity, and reading them is like being invited back into childhood, where fantastical premises, straight-forward syntax, and endless possibility were the literary pleasures. Chacon has either reinvented the form, or refreshingly reminded his readers of what stories do best: linger in the mind like a sudden firework, a flash of pretty magic, in an otherwise dark sky.”

-Antonya Nelson

Daniel Chacón’s collectionis a visit to the hidden recesses of the mind, a place where Jorge Luis Borges and Stephen King sit down for coffee while a cello plays a bittersweet melody you can almost remember. Once you enter, you will emerge a different person.”

-Kathleen Alcala

Unending Rooms is pure loco wisdom koan, like a slow cruise down a jagged street in a sweet ride on a boulevard of present moments without end.”

-Tim Z. Hernandez

Daniel Chacón’s distinctive storytelling, with its defiance to linearity and closure, with its leanings toward metafiction, gestures south to the Latin American greats like Borges, Cortázar and Paz, but his sensibility is puro Chicano-the hero and anti-hero of the twenty-first century who sinks and swims through libraries and barrios, politics and passions, tradition and innovation. Unending Rooms is a testament of identity as experienced, not on the margins, but at the center of the beautiful and terrifying cycles.”

-Rigoberto González

About the Author

Daniel Chacón

Daniel Chacón is the author of three books: Chicano Chicanery, and the shadows took him, and the collection of stories Unending Rooms. He is co-editor of The Last Supper of Chicano Heroes: The Selected Works of José Antonio Burciaga. He co-hosts Words on a Wire, a radio show about books on, Public Radio of the Southwest. His latest book is Hotel Juárez: Stories, Rooms and Loops (2013).

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