Floating Holidays

It’s Pittsburgh. It’s the holidays. And Electro-Lite, a major power company has just announced that it will be laying off approximately 11,000 employees. Why? They missed an important objective. And they didn’t just narrowly miss it. The layoffs, however, are not the story in Floating Holidays. The story is about the resulting personal dramas, about what happens to the security guard who has worked at the front desk of the Electro-Lite building for his whole adult life, the low-level PR executive who has to deliver the news in a press conference, the president of the Power Generation Division.

Floating Holidays is very much a novel steeped in the present reality of American life. As such, the goodness of individual people and the important bonds that exist within friendships and families allow for humor and brief moments of peace even when the world seems to be falling in on itself.

Christopher Torockio, the author of Floating Holidays, has received high praise from Stuart Dybek and has been called “…quite simply, a young genius” by Chuck Kinder. And here is what Fred Leebron said about his novel:

Floating Holidays is a big, bold, and yet highly focused narrative about fluid struggles in the workplace, their pervasive effect, and the people who cause them and the people who try to survive them. It is a wonderfully engaging book, start to finish, told with a real commitment to an array of characters and with a degree of empathy for every single one of them. This is a terrific debut novel, one which should engage any reader who has ever had the dubious pleasure of working for a living.

You can order a copy of Floating Holidays from the Black Lawrence Press website or from Amazon.