Summer 2022 Catalogue

Open Reading Selection New Release What Follows

What Follows

by H.R. Webster

In What Follows, the poet writes: “It’s the end of the world and we can’t stop saying the word tender.” Tenderness runs through the book, even as Webster demonstrates brutality and strength in the face of life’s experiences. These poems explore the vastness of the human experience, from sexual powerplays and the crimes commited against fellows to the mundanity and beauty of factory work. There is very little that escapes H.R. 's glance and raw lyricism. 

Publication Date: June 2022 Categories: Open Reading Period Selection, Poetry Price: $16.95
New Release Fantasy Kit

Fantasy Kit

by Adam McOmber

The strange and sometimes horrific stories in Fantasy Kit could easily draw comparison to the work of Angela Carter or even the master lyrical horror, Edgar Allen Poe, but they are also entirely unique. Made up of fairy tales, myths, traveling through mazes of space and time; each of these stories creeps through the mind long after the last page. 

Publication Date: June 2022 Categories: Uncategorized Price: $21.95
New Release Mongolian Horse

Mongolian Horse

by David E. Yee

Mongolian Horse is a collection of stories about Asian American experience, about Maryland, about youth and music. Each story delves into the place where love meets estrangement. These are the narratives each character worries over, and in that anxiety, their person is defined.

Publication Date: July 2022 Categories: Fiction, Short Stories Price: $21.95
Open Reading Selection New Release Daylight Has Already Come

Daylight Has Already Come

by Kristina Marie Darling


Daylight Has Already Arrived spans six years and countless styles. Motifs and images reappear, but the formal choices are wide-ranging. The poet utilizes prose, analysis of Shakespeare, erasure, and even footnotes to create neither memoir nor mediation, but a deeply intimate perspective on a vast landscape of ideas. Darling creates a sense of urgency without ever sacrificing her delicate, but firm grip on her work.

Publication Date: August 2022 Categories: Open Reading Period Selection, Poetry Price: $18.95
Contest Winner New Release Always a Relic Never a Reliquary

Always a Relic Never a Reliquary

by Kim Sousa



In her debut full-length poetry collection, Always a Relic Never a Reliquary, Brazilian American poet, editor and abolitionist Kim Sousa interrogates inheritance by reaching both backwards and forwards: backwards towards her father’s first border crossing and forwards past her own. Centered around a specific personal trauma, a later-term miscarriage, the poems also contain collective trauma: they ask what it means to live in the United States both as immigrant and citizen, addressing State terror and violence as if by megaphone at the protest line. In Sousa’s poems, the personal is political: they are anti-racist, ecocritical and proletariat. She sings diasporic resilience as both a horror and celebration. The poems are haunted but hopeful; here, there is always hope in rage and resistance.

Publication Date: August 2022 Categories: Contest Winners, Poetry, The St. Lawrence Book Award Price: $17.95