Jon Chopan

Jon Chopan was born and raised in Rochester, New York, where he once believed he could be a crime fighter who doled out justice riding around on his silver and red bike. For a short time, after that, he believed he would be a BMX biker and become famous for some trick he had not and never did come to perfect. A lot of Jon’s dreams, early on, involved his bike. But that all ended when it was stolen, which was the first of many bikes to be stolen, because that was what happened to anything good people owned in his neighborhood, someone took it. After that Jon never dreamed of being Super Man or Batman or the Incredible Hulk. He knew that the world was full of injustices that could not be easily resolved. Instead, he has dreamt of only one thing ever since: retrieving the “Mighty Challenger”, with its giant headlight and silver bell, finding the culprit, and no matter how big or bad or even sorry he is now, kicking that kid’s ass.

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