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Women and Other Hostages
Ways to Beg
City of Skypapers
No Small Comfort


Open Reading Selection New Release Daylight Has Already Come

Daylight Has Already Come

by Kristina Marie Darling

Truest intimacy comes with an awful paradox: How can what is closest to us also be what is furthest away? An uncanny familiarity binds together these poems selected from the volumes Kristina Darling has written, so much so, it can feel as if each poem is trying to make the same gesture, to show us something—some scene, some relic, some person, some story, some confession—that retreats into obscurity as soon as a portion is revealed. Motifs surface and resurface again, nodes of a bare nerve: a silken dress, a bouquet of flowers, a seascape, a you, a her, a window, a text, a room. The great virtue here is a poetry that makes of itself an inner chamber, a place aside from the grand narratives—be they Shakespeare’s tragedies, or a text of which we have but the footnotes—that give ground to thoughts so quiet we seldom hear them even within ourselves. It is an old word, but an apt one, that describes these pages: they are lovelorn. That is, they suffer the thing they seek; and they offer us steadfast company as we do the very same.

—Dan Beachy-Quick


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