The 2024 Hudson Prize: Finalists & Semi-Finalists

The Hudson Prize

We’d like to thank all of the poets and writers who participated in the 2024 Hudson Prize. And we are pleased to announce the finalists and semi-finalists:


Prose Finalists

The Earth Room – Dana Diehl

Amongst the Monsters – Emily Ellis

Motorcycle Angel and other Stories – Ronald Hartley

Jill Against the Unicorns – Kris Herndon

Compulsion – Jenny Holden

Take Me Somewhere New – Jessica Hollander

All Alone in the Getaway Car – Greg November

What the Birds Do – Cedric Synnestvedt

Play Dead – Kristina Ten

Not So Small a Thing – Ross Timberlake



Prose Semi-Finalists

The Kennerly Stories – Teresa Burns Murphy

In the Cuts – Jay Ellis

Life Camp – Jenny Halper

About, Above, Around: 50 Prepositions – Mark Mayer

Predatory Practices – Margo McCall

Language Lessons – Meghana Mysore

No Feeling Is Final – Jose de Pierola

Where Were You When it Happened? – Gage Saylor

Portrait of the Iranian as a Young Punk Artist – Roger Sedarat

Braille Lessons for Very Tall Children – Zachary Vickers


Poetry Finalists

Zoodikers: A Bestiary – Flower Conroy

The Dead Zoo – Chris Green

Bent Cedar Mountain – Julie Hensley

Chimera – LeeAnn Olivier

Lesbian Dinosaurs / Dinosaur Lesbians – Nicole Santalucia

Plaint – Sarah Sousa

Animosity Garden – Matthew Valades

Chill & Stupor – Franke Varca

Field Notes from the Daylight Factory – Tara Westmor

Pigeon and Steam – Charles Wuest


Poetry Semi-Finalists

Answering Machine – Alex Braslavsky

Coin on My Tongue – Mike Burwell

Professions – Juliet Gelfman-Randazzo

Syringa Vulgaris – Savannah Grant

Lamenting While Doing Laps in the Lake – Bill Ratner

The Unmade Bed – Sonya Schneider

Chrome Pig – Glenn Shaheen

Performance Review – Carrie Shipers

Thirst is a Pre-existing Condition – Kathryn Smith

Willowwacks – John Tobin


We will choose a winner from the pool of finalists. Stay tuned!