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Norma Smith

Norma Smith has led lives as a journalist, as a translator/interpreter, as a social researcher, educator, editor, and writing coach. She spent many years working in hospitals, including some years as a union steward and as a member of the medical center’s ethics committee. Norma has been a community activist and organizer since she was a teenager, principally in the arena of anti-racism and smashing white supremacy. She has coordinated conferences, events, poetry readings, and study groups.

Norma has been writing poetry and stories since about the time she learned to read. Her writing has been published in literary, political, and scholarly journals. She is interested in social power dynamics. Including love. Nomadic Press published Norma’s first book of poems, Home Remedy in 2017.

Norma lives in Huichin, unceded Lisjan/Ohlone territory, east of San Francisco Bay.

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