St. Lawrence Book Award Finalists

We are very pleased to announce the finalists for the 2010 St. Lawrence Book Award. We hope to announce the winner within the next 48 hours.

Poetry Finalists
Suzanne Bottelli-Visual Glossary of the Physical World
Jules Gibbs-The Principle of Least Astonishment
Michael Opperman-Imaginarium
Kate Umans-Flock Book
Benjamin Vogt-Afterimage
Joel Whitney-I Am A Very Fat Man

Fiction Finalists
Jacob Appel-Coulrophobia & Fata Morgana
Jacob Appel-Saluting the Magpie
Jen Grow-O.K., Goodbye
Evan Lavender-Smith-Thirteen Things
Adam Prince-The Beautiful Wishes of Ugly Men
Annie Weatherwax-The Possibility of Things