Asantewaa Boykin. R.N, M.I.C.N

Asantewaa Boykin. R.N, M.I.C.N is the Daughter of Valerie Boykin, Granddaughter of Bertha Brandy and Gladys Boykin and the Great-Granddaughter of Nonnie Boykin and Drucella Bluford. She is a proud San Diego, CA native who found her voice in Oakland, CA Berthas’ home and Drucellas’ frontier. Her poetry combines her love of words, storytelling, and resistance. Exploring topics like; space-travel, black-femme militancy,& motherhood. Which describes her first full length poetry collection, Love, Lyric and Liberation (Nomadic Press/Black Lawrence Press). The intersection of Art and Resistance is where Asasntewaa feels most at home. Asantewaa is a Co-founder of APTP (Anti Police – Terror Project) an organization committed to the eradication of police terror in all of its forms. Asantewaa  is the Co-founder of APTP, an organization dedicated to the eradication of police-terror in all its forms. She uses her knowledge of nursing and activism to provide “Street Medic” training for direct actions and “Trauma Centered First -Aid.” Asantewaa along with a brave group of organizers and medical professionals developed Mental Health First or MH FIRST a mobile mental health crisis response team aimed at minimizing police contact with those who are in the midst of a mental health crisis. While her greatest honor is being the mother of her son Ajani, bonus daughter Aryana and granddaughters Lilith and Rinoa.

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