Sasha Hom

Sasha Hom lives off-grid in small canvas and wooden structures on a 600-acre land co-op amid 5,800 acres of conserved land situated within Vermont, an odd-shaped state (but aren’t they all?) upon a very large continent amid oceans. She has four children, many goats, fowl, and a dog. In addition to homeschooling her children and herding small ruminants, she runs Bottomless Well, a refuge/laboratory for arts and ecologically oriented folx, and works on the farms of others. She was a Holden Minority Scholar at Warren Wilson College where she earned her MFA. She is a recipient of a Sustainable Arts Foundation grant, a Brink Hybrid Literary Award, and a 2023 Justice, Activism and Localization Grant. Her work can be found in Exposition Review, Brink, The Leon Literary Review, The Millions, Literary Mama, Kweli Journal, Viz. Inter-Arts, Journal of Korean Adoption Studies, and anthologies.