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ISBN: 978-0996617277
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A Heart with No Scars

Publication Date: September 2015


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In June of 2023, Black Lawrence Press welcomed numerous existing and forthcoming Nomadic Press titles to our catalogue. A Heart with No Scars was originally published by Nomadic.

In his debut chapbook-length collection of poetry, Brennan “B Deep” DeFrisco examines change and the spectrum of lenses through which we view it.


Brennan “B Deep” DeFrisco is one of my favorite up-and-coming performance poets. A Heart with No Scars is a fantastic look into the fire he brings to the stage. ‘Empty Glass’ feels like good whiskey after the last bad day of a terrible week.

The first line in this collection, ‘Descend at your own risk,’ should stand as a warning. Prepare to fall in love, into mourning, mourn with the poet a city transforming and displacing, mourn the distance between friends and lovers, imagine a future lover’s apocalyptic kiss. Brennan “B Deep” DeFrisco is a romantic and a realist all at once. Step with caution and don’t say you haven’t been warned.”
-Cassandra Dallett

About the Author

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Brennan DeFrisco

Brennan DeFrisco is a poet, teaching artist, editor, voice actor, & arts coordinator from the San Francisco Bay Area. He’s been a National Poetry Slam finalist, a Pushcart Prize nominee, Grand Slam Champion of the Oakland Poetry Slam, & program coordinator for California Poets in the Schools, Poetry Out Loud, the Redwood Poetry Festival, and the San Francisco Arts Commission. He’s the author of A Heart With No Scars, published by Nomadic Press and Black Lawrence Press, Honeysuckle & Nightshade, published by Swimming with Elephants Publications, & has served as poetry editor on the mastheads of Lunch Ticket and the 2022 California Poets in the Schools State Anthology. Brennan facilitates creative writing and performance workshops, serving K-12 classrooms, incarcerated youth, adults, seniors, and various arts education programs. His work has been published in Red Wheelbarrow, Oracle Fine Arts Review, Drunk in a Midnight Choir, Collective Unrest, & elsewhere. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles.

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