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ISBN: 978-1-955239-44-8

A Love Letter

Publication Date: February 2023


In June of 2023, Black Lawrence Press welcomed numerous existing and forthcoming Nomadic Press titles to our catalogue. The Move was originally published by Nomadic Press.

A Love Letter has the power to speak outside of time (or through time) as did my beloved aunt who left a paper trail that evidenced she kept me in her thoughts. She’d drafted an Advance Directive, and purchased some modest burial insurance, and protected a few memories that might have otherwise been forgotten. A love letter became how she chose to say goodbye and go with grace. So, I wish in many ways to reciprocate her love with this little book—a re-memory—a reflection of where I was when she left this world, and where I am now, and where in the future any one of us might be.


A Love Letter is a profound and gorgeously rendered tribute to a person, to a place, and to life itself. I really enjoyed the vivid characters and the sensitivity and elegance of Carmen Kennedy’s writing.
—Vendela Vida

A Love Letter is the reader’s honor of being brought into the sharp tenderness of a loved one’s transition. To enter this room also offering your mind to the various mirrors of embrace. To walk down the predatory nodes of a medical system serving capital and rage along. In a few pages, you are years changed.
—Tongo Eisen Martin

A Love Letter’s lyrical vignettes place witness pinnacle as the speaker both chronicles and begets introspection. We observe cyclical mourning and cyclical hope. In these pages, we gather empathy as a cure for our human condition, with passages like, ‘this journey is eminently finite and someone’s departure can seem abrupt if you miss as little as a day, week or month.’ Praise this work that allows us to look into another’s eyes and see something beautiful.
—Daniel B. Summerhill

About the Author

Carmen Estela Kennedy Saleh

Carmen is a writer and a perennial learner, so you'll find her rooted in discussions with bright students, transfixed by prose, poetry, and the authors who perform in these genres, or you might simply find her planted in front of a good book. In fact, she’s sometimes writing these books and etcetera, so you’ll see her work here and there, namely in the Themis and Acacia journals, respectively; honored with a James D. Phelan literary award; a Solas Award in the category of Culture and Ideas; and featured as a bestseller (2023) at Small Press Distribution with her firstborn, A Love Letter, available through Black Lawrence Press.

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