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Floating Holidays

Publication Date: December 2007


“Christopher Torockio is, quite simply, a young genius and his future is unlimited. In terms of sheer talent, seriousness of intent, and deepness of purpose, he is in the forefront of his generation, and Floating Holidays is a good, good book. It reminds me of Richard Ford-it’s his kind of thoughtful, insightful, realistic writing with style and grace.”

-Chuck Kinder

If you think of the many novels whose titles are the names of characters, you’ll understand where Christopher Torockio is centered as a writer. For Torockio, whatever else fiction does, it begins with memorable characterization.

-Stuart Dybek

Floating Holidays is a big, bold, and yet highly focused narrative about fluid struggles in the workplace, their pervasive effect, and the people who cause them and the people who try to survive them. It is a wonderfully engag- ing book, start to finish, told with a real commitment to an array of characters and with a degree of empathy for every single one of them. This is a terrific debut novel, one which should engage any reader who has ever had the dubious pleasure of working for a living.

-Fred G. Leebron

About the Author

Christopher Torockio

Christopher Torockio is the author of the novel Floating Holidays, and the story collections The Truth at Daybreak and Presence. His fiction has appeared in Ploughshares, The Gettysburg Review, The Iowa Review, The Antioch Review, Willow Springs, Colorado Review, New Orleans Review, and many other publications. A native of Pittsburgh, he now lives with his wife and son in Connecticut and teaches at Eastern Connecticut State University.

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