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ISBN: 978-1-62557-802-0
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Publication Date: August 2018


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In her third book, prey, Jeanann Verlee examines predatory relationships from childhood onward. Drawing parallels between human and non-human predators, the poems collected here strive to illuminate the trauma of physical, psychological, and sexual abuse-exploring what it is to become prey.


From the back cover:


“The scripture of the unkillable woman is to conjure and to resurrect and to stare into the abyss of memory and say, Unspell me. Unspell me.”

-Dominique Christina

“I’ve learned not to fear a man’s temper so much as his complacency.”

-Eboni Hogan

“What astonishes me is not that I have survived, but that I have not come closer to dying.”

-Marty McConnell

“I learned very early which of my parts were most desirable. My mouth, my tongue-the least sought after on the list. Too much bite-back, too much venom…”

-Mahogany L. Browne

“I am my safe space.”
-Syreeta McFadden

“This time, the world serves you: gargle the whole ocean, unplug the sun, reinvent the goddamn clay that carved you, merciful god that you are.”

-Angel Nafis

About the Author

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Jeanann Verlee

Jeanann Verlee is the author of three books of poetry: prey, Said the Manic to the Muse, and award-winning Racing Hummingbirds. She has received a National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellowship, the Third Coast Poetry Prize, and the Sandy Crimmins National Prize. Her poems and essays are featured in a number of journals, including Academy of American Poets, Adroit, THRUSH, BuzzFeed, and VIDA. She served as poetry editor for Winter Tangerine Review and Union Station, among others. She is a copy editor working across genres, and has edited numerous award-winning books. Verlee is a writing and performance coach who performs and facilitates workshops at schools, theatres, libraries, bookstores, and dive bars across North America. She collects tattoos, kisses Rottweilers, and believes in you. Find her at jeanannverlee.com.

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