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Publication Date: March 2017


During the month of June, Black Lawrence Press will donate $1 to Trans Lifeline for every copy of Seahorse sold through our website.

In 2023, Black Lawrence Press welcomed numerous existing and forthcoming Nomadic Press titles to our catalogue. Seahorse was originally published by Nomadic.

Seahorse follows the poet as she navigates the terrain between male and female. The reader follows on her harsh and rocky journey from the you of her youth to the “I” of her realized Self. Sometimes tragic, sometimes hilarious, this transpoetic personal odyssey can be appreciated by men, women and those intrepid souls who inhabit the places between.


Now, especially now, it’s vital that we remember the pasts that shape our presents, even as they (thankfully) do not define them. In Seahorse, Natasha Dennerstein does just this: mines the past—of trans representation, of feminist thought, her own—in order to give depth to the present, how it is possible that “there is an ‘I’” at all. At turns “bitter and twisted,” “cunning,” “warm / and effervescent,” Dennerstein’s collection testifies to the work—the bloody, relentless, sexy, public-private work—behind the statement “I survive.”
Cam Awkward-Rich

Natasha Dennerstein pops her poetry with culture, estrogen and brilliantly bold honesty. Reading this book brought me closer to myself, my sisters, and our shared histories. Trans is beautiful and Natasha illustrates how that beauty comes from hard won victories over self and others. Seahorse is a well-cast spell. I’m so grateful for these words.
Mx Justin Vivian Bond

How lucky we are to be swimming in the same ocean as Natasha Dennerstein’s Seahorse. Tender and fierce, funny and wrenching, direct and sly, these poems are captivating. From sex worker to nurse to poet, Dennerstein shows us how one transwoman has lived in order to bring us all back to life.
TC Tolbert

Natasha Dennerstein’s Seahorse escorts you as you “limp your way” to the street and to the hospital room, collecting “twenty dollar bills,” “gauze and sequins,” “cabbies and truckers” in “the afternoon Coors sunlight” toward the discovery that after all the “blood-stained ribbon,” after all the fear “of being clocked,” you, too, can “do it/sooner, do it quicker, do it sooner,” you can, like the narrator, be a “spy in the house of love”, “survive/on sandwiches, apples, coffee, Marlboro Lights,/the kindness of queers” and arrive to where “Now there is an ‘I.’”
Matthew Clark Davison

About the Author

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Natasha Dennerstein

Natasha Dennerstein was born in Melbourne, Australia. She has an MFA from San Francisco State University. Natasha has had poetry published in many journals internationally, including The North American Review and Spoon River Poetry Review. Her collections Anatomize (2015), Triptych Caliform (2016) and her novella-in-verse About a Girl (2017) were published by Norfolk Press in San Francisco. Her trans chapbook Seahorse (2017) was published by Nomadic Press in Oakland and is now available through Black Lawrence Press. Broken: A Life of Aileen Wuornos in 33 poems was published in 2021 by Be About It Press. She lives in Alameda, California, where she is a freelance editor. She was a 2018 Fellow of the Lambda Literary Writer’s Retreat.

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