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ISBN: 978-1-955239-12-7
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Tarot in Pandemic & Revolution

Publication Date: December 2021


Adrian Arias’ most ambitious project to date is Tarot in Pandemic & Revolution, a multifaceted collaboration conceived and orchestrated by Arias where he engaged sixty two visual artists and poets in the creation of a community tarot deck that speaks to historic events that transpired over the pandemic. Published by Nomadic Press, Tarot in Pandemic & Revolution was chosen to be the first exhibition and production at CAST (Community Arts Stabilization Trust) in San Francisco, where Arias serves as the inaugural artist-in-residence.

Tarot in Pandemic & Revolution, inspired by Adrian Arias’ lucid dream of a fortune teller and cards embellished with images of viruses, masks, Black Lives Matter, marches, and protests, is a unique 81-card Tarot deck. It is accompanied by an exquisite book of poetry, created by 67 internationally-recognized artists and poets (24 visual artists, 43 poets) with deep ties to the San Francisco Bay Area, who span three generations. These award-winning poet laureates, novelists, authors, muralists, painters, graphic artists, performance artists, composers, musicians, and dancers are each committed to social, environmental, food, public health, and climate justice, and have used their powerful talents to create tarot images and poems in response to the critical times we are living in. This deck is a bold expression of hope, resilience, resistance, and the courage to continue forging a path to justice and love.

Includes work by Kim Shuck, Adrian Arias, Justin Hoover, Mimi Cézanne Stoll, Susana Aragón, Ytaelena Lopez, Danica Conneely, Anna Lisa Escobedo, Pancho Pescador, Tania Esmeralda Padilla, Susan Matthews, Emma Brown, karinsArt Karin Turnerm, Marissa Arterberry, Mara Lea Brown, Allison Snopek, Cece Carpio, Hugh D’Andrade, José Antonio Galloso, William Brown, Brett Cook, Nancy Hom, KaliMa Amilak, Paul S. Flores, Anaís Azul, John Curl, Mahnaz Badihia, Michael Warr, Janice Mirikitani, Virginia Barrett, Lisbit Bailey, Jennifer Barone, MK Chavez, Tureeda Mikell, Mark Eisner, Jahan Khalighi, devorah major, Robert Wyald, Kristi Williamson, Chun Yu, Bobby Coleman, Naomi Quinonez, Jodie Kleeman, gal*in_dog aka Guillermo Galindo, Wanda Sabir, kata miletich, Keith Hennessy, jenna frisch, Rupa Marya, Karen Melander Magoon, Daria Halprin, Jack Hirschman, Agneta Falk, Yolanda Lopez, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Malik Seneferu, Alejandro Murguía, Rafael Jesús González, Arisa White, Maw Shein Win, Ayodele Nzinga, Nina Serrano

About the Author


Adrian Arias

Adrian Arias is an international multidisciplinary artist working at the intersection of visual arts, poetry, performance, and social justice. A descendant of the Mochica culture of ancient Peru, he embraces his culture’s use of dreams as a transformative catalyst between reality and imagination. This ancestral knowledge is used to connect artists and communities in collaborations that speak to equality, liberation, peace and beauty. He believes that creation goes beyond the result: that the fantastic is always written in the creative act.  Arias has created large-scale murals for public and private businesses such as Google, the Luggage Store Gallery and The Magic Theatre. As co-founder of Mission Arts Performance Project MAPP, he conceptualizes and creates multi-sensory art experiences such as, VideoFest, Luna Negra, and ILLUSION show at the de Young Museum and other venues. Since 1999, Adrian has worked in big scale Altar installations for Day of the Dead exhibitions at San Francisco Symphony, Oakland Museum, MCCLA, and SOMARTS. Since the late 80’s he is considered a pioneer of video art and multimedia shows in Peru, his country of origin. His Tarot in Pandemic & Revolution, is a collaboration with sixty two visual artists and poets from the Bay Area, published by Nomadic Press.

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