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the body has memories

Publication Date: February 2022


In June of 2023, Black Lawrence Press welcomed numerous existing and forthcoming Nomadic Press titles to our catalogue. the body has memories was originally published by Nomadic.

the body has memories… is poetry created with the nuances of soul and the rhythms of the spirit. It is breath and life and healing.


The body has memories, is a BODY of work residing in the BLACK FEMALE BODY. The cover, pages, and ink—skin, organs & blood; conjuring the story of a life marked by moments of invasion, healing, and the reflections of both. Oliver’s work is a monument to the memories of her flesh recollected in the service of grief, growth, and knowing. The body has memories, is a testimony to will carved from the center of personal riptides, a recitation, and affirmation of being.
Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, Ph.D., Poet Laureate, Oakland CA, Alameda County Women’s Hall of Fame

This Arkansas native will take you on a journey to her arrival in San Francisco that will provide a look into a body’s memory, personal and historical. In this tome, she presents us with a cascade of poems overlooking a landscape that seeks to review visceral experiences that hide within the framework of her body’s emotion. Such as, “Holla if you hear me, cry sister cry, or die nigga die. She invites the reader to fill in blanks offered in her book that engages one to participate in their own body’s memory. From joy to the crippling trauma’s of surgical scars, the suffrages of the womb and lineage for survival evoking personal and historical accounts of what Harriet Tubman and other freedom warrior’s must have endured going to battle for life. Oliver’s work is a fascinating read!
Tureeda Mikell, poet writer, Story Medicine Woman QiGong Energy Therapist, author of, SYNCHRONICITY: The Oracle of Sun Medicine

the body has memories is an exciting collision of epigenetic and personal history. Underneath the question of “who(se) am I?”, adrienne danyelle oliver unapologetically plumbs the depths and heights of an imposed and reclaimed identity with candor and grace.
Airea D. Matthews, Prize Recipient, Yale Series of Younger Poets, author of Simulacra

About the Author

Dr. Adrienne Danyelle Oliver

Dr. Adrienne Danyelle Oliver is a poet-educator, hip-hop scholar from Little Rock, AR currently living in the SF Bay Area. She enjoys reflecting on and writing about intergenerational healing. Her published chapbooks, collective madness (Finishing Line Press) and the body has memories (Black Lawrence Press), include these reflections. Part poetry, part memoir, part dream, these chapbooks are the beginning of a liberation she hopes to witness among all bodies harboring historical trauma. Some of Adrienne’s favorite authors include Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison. When she is not writing, Adrienne leads well-being writing circles for Black scholars and helps people of the global majority (PGM) to heal from racial and socioeconomic trauma so they can share their stories with the world. She also curates Black Gold Storytellers, an award-winning intergenerational storytelling circle featuring elders who have migrated from the South.

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