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The Soul Hunters

Publication Date: February 2016


Participating in the 2024 PopSugar reading challenge? Read The Soul Hunters  for prompt number 24: a book that takes place over the course of 24 hours.


“The Soul Hunters took me entirely out of my own life and then very artfully led me back into it. This writer’s way with time and with people in time, through the window of a single day and night, is as involving as it is by turns moving and funny, too. The compression of incident and emotion, and the psychology of this family, these sons and their lost father, had me from the start. One lives in this book; one’s sense of felt life is enhanced without quite seeing how it is brought off. A magic show, the thing first rate fiction always provides.”

-Richard Bausch, author of Before, During, After

The Soul Hunters is rich with character, incident, and humanity. This nuanced, multi-layered, and multi-generational novel is utterly engrossing, and all the characters, from the three brothers who have recently lost their father, the wives of these brothers, to the father himself (who we meet in flashback), are so movingly and skillfully drawn. There’s also a lot of humor and mischief in these pages. What a damn fine novel Chris Torockio has given us.”

-Christine Sneed, author of Little Known Facts and Paris, He Said

Chris Torockio has written a novel of great depth, insight, and expansiveness. A patriarch’s death shakes loose from his three middle-aged sons and their spouses the secrets they have kept even from themselves, and over one long day and night a history and present realign to give this family a chance to survive. The subject matter of this novel is life-and-death serious, but Torockio leavens it with humor and absurdity. He is a master of structure, character, plot, and point-of-view, and he employs them all in service of wisdom, maturity and rich storytelling.”

-Tim Parrish, author of The Jumper and Fear and What Follows

About the Author

Christopher Torockio

Christopher Torockio is the author of the novel Floating Holidays, and the story collections The Truth at Daybreak and Presence. His fiction has appeared in Ploughshares, The Gettysburg Review, The Iowa Review, The Antioch Review, Willow Springs, Colorado Review, New Orleans Review, and many other publications. A native of Pittsburgh, he now lives with his wife and son in Connecticut and teaches at Eastern Connecticut State University.

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