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Categories Nomadic, Poetry

The Unrooted Bloom

Publication Date: January 2024


In June of 2023, Black Lawrence Press welcomed numerous existing and forthcoming Nomadic Press titles to our catalogue. The Unrooted Bloom was originally selected by Nomadic.


From the first time I “met” Amber – Quotes cause we were online in the early days of COVID – we were on a podcast together .. I was immediately infected by her spirit and love. As a fellow walking wounded, I recognized her as tribe. The Unrooted Bloom and the way each page spoke to, as well as, into my soul is a journey of Black life, of half-breeds like me, from chapter one where she speaks courageous truths about those that birthed us into this world that many of us will choke on until we take our last breaths. Vulnerability, rage, sorrow jumps off the page as her pen pours out hope, bruising, fear and prayers for the men and children in our lives & she ends with where so many of us must (and cause we’re Black – do) if we are to survive – self love, forgiveness and redemption. Brilliant work. Amazing Woman. Fierce warrior who fights for her people (and most importantly for herself) in the streets and on the page.
-Cat Brooks

The raw and tender truths that map out the shard sharp pain and deep dull ache beside the unrelenting resilience in this exquisite poetic plea, wail, and declaration personify the writer and the woman behind the words. They are a gift that Amber Allen-Peirson has dared to share with us all.
-Nina Vincent

Introducing the remarkable author, Amber Allen-Peirson, whose words possess an enchanting power that captivates your heart, leaving you irresistibly drawn to the depths of her profound mind. Within the pages of her soul-stirring works, Amber offers a transformative journey of restorative healing, profound transformation, and spiritual reformation. With a writing style akin to a crystal-clear stream flowing through the wilderness of the imagination, Amber’s words possess an ethereal quality, gently guiding readers towards a path of clarity and understanding. Her eloquent prose, like a soft whisper in the wind, holds the power to unravel the mysteries of the soul, leaving you spellbound. Amber’s unique ability to merge wisdom with compassion creates a tapestry of emotions that envelops the reader, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts and minds.
-Tef Poe

The Unrooted Bloom is one of the most fearless collection of poems I have ever seen dance. Both a garden of blades and gallery of gentle portraiture, here is a feast for your psyche. Allen-Peirson is a poet like two thousand incarnations of an ever-offered heart. In her hands, poetry achieves no greater power.
Tongo Eisen-Martin, San Francisco Poet Laureate

About the Author

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Amber Allen-Peirson

Amber Allen-Peirson, aka Clarity is a powerful, empathic poet, activist, educator, orator, and consultant focused on being a catalyst for self-development and healing. She weaves her lived experiences, emotions and stories into literal metaphors, provoking reflection and visceral sensations in listeners. The process of writing is profoundly spiritual, like prayer for Amber. What she produces is a treat for human consumption. Amber coaches people and communities into seeking justice, achieving dreams, healing wounds, repairing relationships, and building stronger identities. Born and raised in Oakland, CA, she raised her son in the Bay Area where she still resides.

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