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The Violence Almanac

Publication Date: April 2021


Miah Jeffra reads from THE VIOLENCE ALAMANAC for the Black Lawrence Press Virtual Reading Series



The Violence Almanac is a jewel of a collection–formally inventive, transgressive, darkly funny at times, deeply moving at others. The stories bring together a variety of voices and perspectives to create  a cohesive and stunning portrait of contemporary America. Miah Jeffra is a true original, and a talent to watch.
–Dan Chaon

The Violence Almanac is full of complex, flawed and wonderfully alive characters, written with empathy and honesty. Jeffra’s love for language and humanity is evident in this book, yet he demands us to face the ugliness of our society, even in the most likeable of characters. I am deeply impressed by this collection and this writer. 
–Randall Kenan

Miah Jeffra’s  brilliant stories in the The Violence Almanac seethe with life lived close to the eyes. The unrelenting gaze of the narrators, who stay perhaps too long on their subjects: from a mother, based on Andrea Yates, systematically drowning her children to her husband, fists pounding the ground; from a prostitute avenging the death of her friend to a man trying to save a fledgling pigeon–all is included in these honest, incisive stories. But the gaze is only part of it; Jeffra’s goal is understanding the meaning of his own structures, a relentless quest for the hidden, the difficult, the paradoxical. Small, subtle movements from a twitch to a swallow are interpreted as signs. That much is broken and imperfect is not overlooked; it is cause for investigation and appreciation of the tangled truths of experience. Jeffra is a hyperrealist, and the stories vibrate with pain and love.
–Maxine Chernoff 

Brilliant and daring, full of horror and tenderness, The Violence Almanac gives us the American stories we need to be reading.
–Andrew Sean Greer

About the Author

Miah Jeffra

Miah Jeffra is author of four books of fiction and nonfiction, most recently The Violence Almanac (finalist for several awards, including the Grace Paley, Robert C Jones and St. Lawrence Book Prizes) and American Gospel, winner of the Clark-Gross Award. Work can be seen in StoryQuarterly, Prairie Schooner, The North American Review, storySouth, DIAGRAM, jubilat and many others. Miah is co-founder of Whiting Award-winning queer and trans literary collaborative, Foglifter Press, and teaches writing and decolonial studies at Sonoma State University.

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