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Translated from the Original: One-inch Punch Fiction

Publication Date: December 2022


In June of 2023, Black Lawrence Press welcomed numerous existing and forthcoming Nomadic Press titles to our catalogue. Translated from the Original: One-inch Punch was originally published by Nomadic.

Influenced by Sonny Rollins and Thelonius Monk, powered by chi, inspired by Bruce Lee, Translated from the Original: One-inch Punch weaves through lines of love, loss, pain, discovery, and redemption, with dollops of whimsy and notes of wonder. Biederman’s genre-bending collection of flash and micro fiction is a book you’ll want to share with friends, but may hesitate to lend. Better get two.



Guy Biederman’s Translated From The Original: One-inch Punch Fiction is a wonderfully inventive collection of flash and micro fiction rife with whimsical, fun language. These observant and often funny stories blush with poetry and are delicious.
James Cagney, author of Black Steel Magnolias In The Hour Of Chaos Theory

The stories in Translated From The Original: One-inch Punch Fictiongive us glimpses of what is overlooked, those things that are in front of us that illuminate the brightest of lights if we’d only look. These stories give us the unexpected, landing in places they are meant to–heart, spirit, mind. As the old boxing adage says, it’s the punch you don’t see that knocks you out. These stories are punches that come from unexpected angles that do not knock us out but knock us into life with new clarity among its complexities and contradictions.
Tony Robles, author of Cool Don’t Live Here No More—a letter to San Francisco

As the title implies, these little stories pack a wallop. Guy Biederman sheds a soft golden light on scenes of everyday life, illuminating their sublime and often surreal aspects. He’s a writer of gentle revolutions, launching quietly thoughtful grenades into our psyche, verbal pyrotechnics that bloom like calming fractals. The Bard of Sausalito’s quill is dipped in liquid hope. His tales are written in the script of kindness, alternating between spirits of stoic peace and experimental playfulness. Translated From The Original: One-inch Punch Fiction constructs a literary landscape wherein autobiographical fact mirrors dreamlike fiction, opening windows into brief moments of existence that unravel infinitely. This collection is American Zen, offering serenity, empathy, and dare I say it in these callous times—love!—a contemplative respite from the world’s chaos.
J. Martin Strangeweather, author of Poems from the Future Artopia, Chief Executive Prognosticator and Director of Thaumaturgic Research for the Santa Ana Literary Association

About the Author

Guy Biederman

Guy Biederman is the author of six collections of short work, including Translated From The Original, one-inch punch fiction and Nova Nights, poetry. His award winning work has been published in over 300 journals in the U.S. and abroad and he is the host of The Floating Word, floating groove jams. A former peace corps  volunteer (Guatemala, ’81-’82), gardener, publisher, and creative writing instructor, Guy lives on a houseboat in Sausalito with his wife Phyllis and walks the planks daily. He is hooked on Heart Coffee, Cocoa Krispies at midnight, and speed bag workouts, but can quit anytime. It’s all true, especially the fiction.

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