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ISBN: 9781732039971

Weird Pig

Publication Date: January 2020


Weird Pig is about Weird Pig, a pig who wants to do right. But doing right isn’t always easy. He drinks. He eats pork chops. He rides a skateboard. He gets his fellow farm animals murdered, and fathers an illegitimate son who has a messiah complex. When Weird Pig leaves the farm he calls home, he inspires a series of children’s books that help bring on the end of his little world—a farm where human and beast alike toil in the shadow of an ever-growing factory livestock complex. From farm to table and beyond, follow the misadventures of Weird Pig in this kaleidoscopic portrait of America, seen through the eyes of a crazed animal who insists on making himself at home there.

Weird Pig was originally published by Southeast Missouri State University Press.


Weird Pig is one of the funniest books I have ever read. Robert Long Foreman has a special talent for capturing the chaos, brutality, and absurdity of life in America. Like Huck Finn meets Animal Farm on acid.”
-Erin Somers, author of Stay Up with Hugo Best

“If you asked Weird Pig to tell you about himself, he’d say he was ‘one in a million.’ And he’d be right. Robert Long Foreman’s Weird Pig is a satire with sharp wit, absurdist humor, and scathing insights that made me laugh and flinch in equal measure. No character or subject is safe from Weird Pig’s lacerating gaze, and through his antihero, Foreman tackles subjects as far ranging as industrial farming, creative writing programs, sex trafficking, the publication industry, addiction, and gun violence. Weird Pig is wonderfully weird, one of the most memorable characters I’ve ever spent time with, and Foreman’s novel is beautifully strange, intelligent, and monstrously funny. I love this book.”
-Joanna Luloff, author of Remind Me Again What Happened

Weird Pig is that rarest of beasts, a porcine picaresque, a comic novel that actually induces laughter in humans. In this anthropomorphic spoof of a story, no animal, person, or societal institution is safe from a good old-fashioned literary skewering. Swift and Orwell would be proud, if they weren’t already so dead. Neither the hero we want nor need, Weird Pig may yet be the one we absurdly deserve. Robert Long Foreman is an exceptionally imaginative wit and a new talent to watch.”
-Brian Van Reet author of Spoils

About the Author

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Robert Long Foreman

Robert has published three books since 2017: Weird Pig (a novel), Among Other Things (a collection of essays), and I Am Here to Make Friends (a collection of short fiction). His work has appeared in The Missouri Review, AGNI, The Utne Reader, Kenyon Review Online, hex, X-RAY, Beloit Fiction Journal, the 2014 Pushcart Prize anthology, and other publications. A former college professor, Robert currently works as a freelance writer and editor. He lives in Kansas City.

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