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2024 Publications


“The East Bay Hills” by David Harris, published in Roi Fainéant. Consultant: TJ Beitelman


The Way Back by Russell Karrick, published by Slapering Hol Press. Consultant: Erica Wright

In the Grip of Grace by Marianne Mersereau, published by Finishing Line Press. Consultant: David Rigsbee

Inside Out Egg by Robin LaMer Rahija, published by Variant Lit. Consultant: Marcela Sulak

Dancing Through the Fire Door by Cindy Rinne, published by Nauset Press. Consultant: Jenny Drai

The White Doe by Maria Williams, winner of the Verse Daily Prize, published by Saddle Road Press. Consultant: Marcela Sulak

2023 Publications


A Very Innocent Man by Edward Belfar, published by Flexible Press. Consultant: TJ Beitelman

Sheltering Angel: A Novel Based on the True Story of the Titanic by Louella Bryant, published by Black Rose Writing. Consultant: TJ Beitelman

“On Ice” by Carol Dines, winner of the Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction, published in NimrodConsultant: Adrian Van Young

“Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Mason Brecker” by Matthew Duffus, published in JMWW. Consultant: Jen Michalski

“A Decent Dog” by Anne Falkowski, published in Solstice. Consultant: Tracy DeBrincat

“The Same Country” by Eileen Favorite, published in The Manifest Station. Consultant: Adam Prince

Misfits by Mark Jonathan Harris, published by Atmosphere Press. Consultants: TJ Beitelman, Leigh Camacho Rourks

Cautionary Tales by Mary Hickey, published by GammonGo Publishing. Consultant: Kelly Magee

“An Elegy for the Quest” by Mike Itaya, published in BarBar. Consultant: Leigh Camacho Rourks

“Firdaus, the Beautiful” by Ash Kaul, published in Joyland. Consultant: TJ Beitelman

“Sister City” by Ken Post, published in Pomona Valley Review. Consultant: John Mauk

“Broken Waves” a novel excerpt by Reem Hazboun Taşyakan, published in Eclectica. Consultant: John Mauk


“Pilferage” by Zachary Bartles, published in The Way Back to Ourselves and nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Consultant: David Rigsbee

Fringe by Jennifer Burd, published by Finishing Line Press. Consultant: Lisa Fay Coutley

“A Prayer for Jakelin Amei Rosmery Caal Maquin (2011–2018)” by Donna Castañeda, published in Green Linden Press. Consultant Alexandra Lytton Regalado

“A Letter 60 Years Too Late” by Elizabeth Esris published in Passager Poetry and nominated for the Robert Siegel Prize from Porlock New Poetry. Consultant: David Rigsbee

some blue, a little spur by Kris Falcon, published by Uncollected Press. Consultant: Amelia Martens

Skye Gilkerson published these three poems in 2023: “Letter to the Sun“, “Letter to the Soil“, and “The First Time it Rained After Moving to New York“. Consultant: Callista Buchen

Ever Loyal to the Story by Charles Gillespie, winner of the John Rezmerski Memorial Book Award and published by the League of Minnesota Poets. Consultant: Hala Alyan

Blue Like Apples by Rasma Haidiri, published by Rebel Satori Press. Consultant: David Rigsbee

Elegy for my Tongue by Saba Husain, published by Terrapin Books. Consultant: Brandi George

Cleaving the Clouds by Margaret Anne Kean, published by Kelsay Books. Consultant: David Rigsbee

Realms of Twilight by William Leutz, published by Three Black Spruce Publishing. Consultants: Brandi George and Michele Battiste

Every Single Bird Rising by Xiaoly Li, published by Futurecycle Press. Consultant: Callista Buchen

“Sacred Country” by Peter Mitchell, winner of the Kyogle Readers and Writers Festival Poetry Prize 2023, published by Kyogle Writers Festival Website. Consultants: Alan Chazaro, Lisa Fay Coutley

“Deep Black Ice” by Peter Mitchell, published in Queer Love, Queer Life 2: The Anthology (Muswell Press, UK). Consultant: Alan Chazaro

“House-Hunting Pantoum with Chain-Saw” by Peter Mitchell, published in Blue Bottle Journal. Consultants: Callista Buchen, Amelia Martens

Watermark by Barbara Sabol, published by Alternating Current Press. Consultant: Marcela Sulak

The Quieting by Mark Simpson, published by Pine Row Press. Consultant: Erica Wright

In A Moment by Jim Stone, published by Finishing Line Press. Consultants: Marcela Sulak and Kristina Marie Darling

Who Killed Marta Ugarte? by Jeanne-Marie Osterman, published by Broadstone Books. Consultant: TJ Beitelman

Cage of Bone by Irena Praitis, published by Red Mountain Press. Consultant: Amelia Martens

ekphrastics & eccentricities by M. Ann Reed, published by Kelsay Books. Consultant: David Rigsbee

Three poems by Michael Santora, published in New Ohio Review. Consultant: David Rigsbee

“A Prayer” by A.L. Sinclair, published by the Poetry Society of New York. Consultant: Claudia Cortese

“Missing” by Mike Welsh, published in Pasque Petals. Consultant: David Rigsbee

Alchemy by Kris Whorton, published by Finishing Line Press. Consultant: Erica Wright.

An Abundance of Caution by George Witte, published by Unbound Edition Press. Consultant: Lisa Fay Coutley


“Joan-Tangle” by Jenny Drai published in Tupelo Quarterly. Consultant: Kristina Marie Darling


2022 Publications


A Little bit of Land by Jessica Gigot, published by Oregon State University Press. Consultant: Louella Bryant

Souvenirs from Paradise by Erin Langner, winner of the Zone Press Creative Nonfiction Contest. Consultant: EJ Colen

Our Voices by Diana Radovan, published by Troubador. Consultant: Paula Carter


The Orchid Tattoo by Carla Damron, published by Koehler Books. Consultant: John Mauk

The Healing Circle by Coco Picard, winner of the Red Hen Press Women’s Prose Award. Consultant: Thomas Cotsonas


Slack Tongue City by Mackenzie Berry, published by Sundress Publications. Consultant: Brandi George

The Widow’s Lovers by Pamela Brothers Denyes, published by Kelsay Books. Consultant: David Rigsbee

In Situ by Samantha Cramer, published by Allegory Ridge. Consultant: Brandi George

Fathers, Sons, and Holy Ghosts by Chris Hansen-Nelson, published by Wicked Rufous Press. Consultant: Enzo Silon Surin.

“Love Passing” by David Harris, published in LitbreakConsultant: TJ Beitelman

Voice to Voice in the Dark by Tim Hunt, published by Broadstone Books. Consultants: Charlotte Pence, David Rigsbee

“Marriage” and “Lesser of Two Evils” by Erik(a) Jonah, published in Five Points. Consultant: Lisa Fay Coutley

“At the Last Gas Station” by Erik(a) Jonah, published in I-70 Review. Consultant: David Rigsbee

“Shimmer” by Erik(a) Jonah, published in Cave Wall. Consultant: Amelia Martens

“Pears” by Peter Mitchell, published in Chariot Press Literary Journal. Consultant: Alan Chazaro

“Edward Levenson” by Peter Mitchell, published in Backstory Journal. Consultant: Alexandra Lytton Regalado

In the Aftermath: 9/11 Through a Volunteer’s Eyes by Beth SK Morris, published by Poetica Publishing Company. Consultant: Bettina Judd

Something Kindred by Nicole Tallman, published by Southern Collective Experience. Consultant: Amelia Martens

“Requiem” by Mike Welsh, published in Pasque Petals. Consultant: Marcela Sulak


2021 Publications


This Distance We Call Love by Carol Dines, published by Orison books. Winner of The 2022 Eric Hoffer Micro Press Award, Finalist for The 2022 National Indie Excellence Award for Short Stories, Consultant: Adrian Van Young


A River Within Spills Light by Jane Attanucci, published by Turning Point. Consultant: Charlotte Pence

Arizona SB 1070: An Act by Ryan Clark, published by Downstate Legacies. Consultant: Marcela Sulak

The Geographies of Kitchens by Amy Haddad, published by Finishing Line Press. Consultant: David Rigsbee

Running out of Words for Afterwards by David Hargreaves, published by Broadstone Books. Consultant: Charlotte Pence

Convictions of the Heart by John L. Holgerson, published by In Case of Emergency Press. Consultant: Amelia Martens

River of Stars by William Leutz, published by Three Black Spruce Publishing. Consultants: Brandi George and Michele Battiste

Mother/land by Ananda Lima, winner of The Hudson Prize and published by Black Lawrence Press. Consultant: David Rigsbee

“Between the Sun & Pluto” by Peter Mitchell, published by Mini-Mega Pack. Consultant: Marcela Sulak

“Six Years after My Mother’s Death at 53” by Peter Mitchell, published by Lavender Bones Magazine. Consultants: Alan Chazaro, Marcela Sulak

A Future Unmappable by Michele Parker Randall, published by Finishing Line Press. Consultant: David Rigsbee

It’s Not Easy Being a Moth by Mark Lee Webb, published by Accents Publishing. Consultant: TJ Beitelman


2020 Publications


Club Oasis: Childhood Memories by Alma M Garcia, published by Floricanto Press. Consultant: Paula Carter

The Grammar of Untold Stories by Lois Melina, published by Shanti Arts. Consultant: Louella Bryant


Women and God by Philip Graubart, published by Olympia publishers. Consultant: TJ Beitelman

“Wake,” by David Lewis, published in The Ghost Story. Honorable Mention: Supernatural Fiction Award. Consultant: Thomas Cotsonas

“Joe Brown” by Victoria Shannon, published in Narrative. Consultant: TJ Beitelman

“What Remains” by Gina Troisi, published by Quarter After Eight. Consultant: Adrian Van Young


Take Her, She’s Yours by Eva-Lynn Jagoe, published by Puntcum Books. Consultant: EJ Colen


“Narrow Bridge” by Dina Friedman, published in Aji Magazine. Consultant: David Rigsbee

The Death Spiral by Sarah Giragosian, published by Black Lawrence Press. Consultant: Charlotte Pence

“At Home” by Peter Mitchell published in Australian Poetry Collaboration. Consultant: Amelia Martens

making oxygen, remaining inside this pure hollow note by M. Ann Reed, published by Finishing Line Press. Consultant: David Rigsbee

Scarlet Rain Boots by Mary Salisbury, published by Finishing Line Press. Consultant: David Rigsbee



2019 Publications


“Soft” by Kim Henderson, published in The Missouri Review. Consultant: Merrill Feitell

Termination Shocks by Janice Margolis, winer of the Juniper Prize and published by University of Massachusetts Press. Consultant: Thomas Cotsonas

Moxie by Alex Poppe, published by Tortoise Books. Consultant: Adrian Van Young


“Dark Country” and “Policy for Whales” by Dina Friedman, published by Indolent Books. Consultant: David Rigbsee

The Tongue Has No Bone by Susan Yanos, published by Finishing Line Press. Consultant: Lisa Fay Coutley




2018 Publications


“The Grammar of Untold Stories” by Lois Melina, published in Colorado Review. Listed as a notable work in Best American Essays. Consultant: Louella Bryant


“The Ark” by Keith Fentonmiller, third place winner in the Bethesda Magazine story contest. Consultant: TJ Beitelman

Oranges by Gary Eldon Peter, winner of the New Rivers Press Many Voices Project, Independent Publisher Award Gold Medal, and Midwest Book Award. Consultant: Adrian Van Young


This is Still Life by Tracy Mishkin, published by Brain Mill Press. Consultant: Amelia Martens

It Came from Outer Space by Carolina Morales, published by Finishing Line Press. Consultant: Bettina Judd


2014 Publications


My Friend Ken Harvey by Barrett Warner, winner of the Chris Toll Memorial Prize and published by Publishing Genius Press. Consultant: Russel Swensen



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