Writing in Inappropriate Spaces

There’s a great new review of Jason Tandon’s Give over the Heckler and Everyone Gets Hurt. The review, penned by Emi Griess is available for your reading pleasure online over at the Green Hills Literary Lantern website.

To whet your appetite, we’re posting some of our favorite sections here:

Jason Tandon gives us the bleak, funny, and depressingly, hilariously boring aspects of life and writes in the inappropriate spaces where they overlap: a Buddha statue cohabiting with a garden gnome and lawn jockey, meditating to chainsaw background music; an anniversary celebration planned with the help of whatever was lying around or on sale; the every-morning occurrences at a Kwik-Stop.

Reading Tandon’s poetry is like pushing through the twelve hours of an all-night Relay for Life.  At 9:00 PM the white paper bags decorated to honor fighters and victims of cancer are lit up from the inside by candles and make you cry.  At 6:00 AM, tired and drained, you laugh to see those special luminaries lining the track crumpled up and thrown away.

You can read the entire review by following this link.

Also, if you’d like to order your own copy of Give over the Heckler and Everyone Gets Hurt, you can do so by going to the Black Lawrence Press website or to Amazon.