2016 St. Lawrence Book Award Finalists & Semi-Finalists

We are very pleased to announce the 2016 St. Lawrence Book Award finalists and semi-finalists. We look forward to announcing the winner, which will be chosen from the pool of finalists, in the coming weeks. Thanks to everyone who participated!
Kilby Allen — Mating Habits of the California Land Snail (Fiction)
Suzanne Bottelli — A Visual Glossary of the Physical World (Poetry)
George Choundas — The Making Sense of Things (Fiction)
Nandi Comer — Tapping Out (Poetry)
Kathy Conde — More Than One Way to Break (Fiction)
Kay Cosgrove — Study in Socializing (Poetry)
Samantha — Deal Taxonomies / Something Opened (Poetry)
Adam Falkner — The Willies (Poetry)
Jordan Farmer — Yard Sale Lingerie (Fiction)
Vedran Husic — Basements and Other Museums (Fiction)
Mary Kovaleski Byrnes — The Genealogy of Fire (Poetry)
Michael Marberry — Four Films (Poetry)
Matt McBride — Polis (Poetry)
Victoria Lynne McCoy — Wet Reckless (Poetry)
Vicky Mlyniec — Accordioned Life: Stories (Fiction)
Michael Peterson — Repeater (Poetry)
Molly Reid — The Rapture Index (Fiction)
Michele Ruby — Half a Cup of Crazy (Fiction)
Marc Watkins — Middle West (Fiction)
Elizabeth Weld — Home for Little Wanderers (Fiction)
Kay Merkel Boruff —  Studying for geshe lharampa (Fiction)
Shevaun Brannigan — Why My Mother is Still Afraid of Heights (Poetry)
Aaron Brown — Acacia Road (Poetry)
Mark Connelly — Recall (Fiction)
David Domine — Ring of Birds (Fiction)
Mary Easter — The Body of the World (Poetry)
Christian Felt — My Sister’s Book (Fiction)
Charles Green — The Shabbiness Factory: Stories (Fiction)
Megan Leonard — Human People In A State Of Grieving (Poetry)
Laurin Macios — When You Feel Longing (Poetry)
Suzanne Manizza Roszak — Aftereffects (Poetry)
Ben Miller — Kick the Clock: 104 Stories (Fiction)
Valerie Mills-Milde — Not the Talking Kind (Fiction)
Darren Morris — Product Placement (Poetry)
Dino Parenti — Dead Reckoning (Fiction)
Colette Sartor — Once Removed, and Other Stories (Fiction)
Lynn Schmeidler — History of Gone (Poetry)
Jennifer Sperry Steinorth — When It Rains We Play Hide And Seek (Poetry)
Billie Tadros — The Tree We Planted and Buried You In (Poetry)
Rolf Yngve — Strands of a Necklace Down the Throat of the Mountain (Fiction)