The 2020 Hudson Prize: Finalists & Semi-Finalists

We’d like to thank all of the poets and writers who participated in the 2020 Hudson Prize. And we are pleased to announce the finalists and semi-finalists:

Fiction Finalists
Camp Stories: An Inheritance In Pieces by Christopher Berardino
South by Southwest by Sallie Bingham
As If You Had a Say by Jennifer Fliss
If Everything Would Just Stand Still – Stories by Michael Horton
Inadequate Methods of Self-Preservation by Kim Magowan & Michelle Ross
Dead Women and Other Stories by Allie Mariano
The Stew and Other Stories by Manuel Martinez
Loose Change by Michele Ruby
Zucchini by Beth Weeks
Artificial Blue by Joe Worthen

Fiction Semi-Finalists
On the Divide by Iver Arnegard
Unaccustomed to Grace by Lesley Bannatyne
When You Tinker With a Body by Joe Baumann
Impossible Object by Robyn Carter
American Ghosts by Elisabeth Doyle
Old School by Mary Grimm
Soaked by Toby LeBlanc
How Far I’ve Come by  Kim Magowan
Senior Skip Day by Phong Nguyen
Shifts by Dan Reiter

Poetry Finalists
The Birthday of the Dead by Rachel Abramowitz
Bloodline by Ansley Clark
The Year of the Unicorn Kidz by Jason B Crawford
The Cicada by Amanda Dahill-Moore
Where We Split by Sebastián Hasani Páramo
Age of Broken Honey by Theodosia Henney
Many to Remember by Rachel Kaufman
Mother/land by Ananda Lima
Come Clean by Joshua Nguyen
Exceeds Us by Leah Poole Osowski

Poetry Semi-Finalists
Having Been Called Dirt by Joe Betz
Double Bind by Caroline Crew
What to Wear Out by Jen DeGregorio
The Midwestern Book of the Dead by Regina DiPerna
Our Next and Hybrid Selves by Mónica Gomery
Blessed are the Peacemakers by Brionne Janae
Pulse by Maria Nazos
The Alarmist by Alison Palmer
In the Elevated City by Darby Price
Wait for the Miracle by Sara Gelston Somers


We will choose a winner from the pool of finalists. Stay tuned!