2021 Big Moose Finalists

We’d like to thank all of the writers who participated in the 2021 Big Moose Prize, and we are pleased to present the semi-finalists and finalists:



Socorro – Sara Alemán
Blue Violet No. 87 – Gaylen Ducker
Veiled Men – Ann Stewart McBee
The Second Coming of Octavio Paz – Maceo Montoya
Lost River, 1918 – Faith Shearin
The Future of British Seaweeds – Rob Smith
Labor Day – Jill Stukenberg
Shoot the Wild Birds – Michael Caleb Tasker
The Familiar Ferry – William Scott Williams
Sky Blue Tuxedo – John David Zuern


Sketch – Christina Frigo
Keep On – Suzanne Greenberg
Diary of a Mute Girl – Khanh Ha
Little Black Holes – Heather Harms
This is not Juárez – Jaime Herrera
Field Vision – Christopher Lowe
Horse Latitudes – Faith Shearin
Reconstructing Mayakovsky – Ilya Szilak
I Miss You Most of All – Michael Caleb Tasker
In The Place Where Frank James is Buried, Just North of Here – Linda-Raven Woods


We will choose the winner from the pool of finalists. Stay tuned!