2022 St. Lawrence Book Award Finalists

We are very pleased to announce the 2022 St. Lawrence Book Award finalists and semi-finalists. We look forward to announcing the winning manuscript, which will be chosen from the pool of finalists, in the coming weeks. Thanks to everyone who participated!


Prose Finalists

Love the Abyss by Gessy Alvarez
Bodies of Other Women by Allison Field Bell
Women, Working by Ann Epstein
Things Every Woman Should Know About Love by Jenny Halper
The Yellow Rose of Texas and Other Stories by Michael Horton
The Local Gods by Mack Marsden
The Leg in Question by K. W. Oxnard
The Bones of the Mouse Make the Cat by Jessica Roeder
The Weather Here by Stephen Tuttle
The Boy Bandit by S.R. Wolff


Prose Semi-Finalists

Far From A Fair Country by Jim Gish
A Road of Her Own by Kimberly Gomes
Death and other Deities by Nicole Hebdon
Love Festival by Susan Hettinger
Everything is Going to Come by Anu Kandikuppa
Motherish by Tori Malcangio
a season and time by A Poythress
A Hexed House and Other Stories by Elizabeth Rosen
Oakaville by Cody Shrum
The Loss Box and Other Stories by Lee Varon


Poetry Finalists

Makeshift Altar by Amy Alvarez
Making a Face Out of Clay by Brent Ameneyro
Popular Music by Gerard Coletta
Syndrome by Éric Morales-Franceschini
Almost Tender by Abbie Kiefer
Answer with Hunger by Stacy Boe Miller
Attachment Theories by Clare Paniccia
World’s Largest Ball of Paint by Charlie Peck
Fat Heart by Sara Watson
Seraphim by Angelique Zobitz 


Poetry Semi-Finalists

Love Sick Century by Elly Bookman
The Practices by Jon Cone
Hypothesis by Josh English
Bloodwaters by Perla Kantarjian
The Kiss of Everything by Kamal Kimball
Splashed Things by Leigh Lucas
Sunday in Ordinary Time by Bonnie Naradzay
Chamber After Chamber by Saara Myrene Raappana
Salvage Season by Alexander Scalfano
The Bad Mother Chronicles by K T