2023 Big Moose Finalists

We’d like to thank all of the writers who participated in the 2023 Big Moose Prize, and we are pleased to present the  finalists and semi-finalists:



The Bodies of Others—Laurie Blauner
The Snows of Mount Ida—Margot Demopoulos
Other People’s Stories—William Hicks
1,000 Years of Peace—James Kaelan
Tree of Heaven—Leslie Li
There Should Be A Word For—Sara Martin
In the Streets of the First City—Benjamin Parzybok
The Clam Digger’s Gift—Daniel Payne
Origin Story—Jendi Reiter
A Green Raft on a Muddy Swell—Jill Widner


The Loneliest Jew in Cobra City—Barry Bergman
Crop Burn Stories: A Novel in Stories—Brandon Daily
Delivery—Christopher Hebert
Malcolm Athole Kwame Lyric Mzinga – And Me—Hesh Kestin
Constellations at Sea—Vytautas Malesh
Water Blindness—Melanie Malinowski
On the House—Daniel O’Leary
The Idea of Heat—Sarah Terez Rosenblum
The Eccles Street Matter—Milla van der Have
Five—NK von S
The Mystery and Hubris of Sleeping Lucy and Me—Elizabeth Wilcox


We will choose the winner from the pool of finalists. Stay tuned!