2024 Big Moose Finalists

We’d like to thank all of the writers who participated in the 2024 Big Moose Prize, and we are pleased to present the  finalists and semi-finalists:



The Stolen – Maureen Aitken
Artifacts – Terry Engel
Cyan Magenta Yellow Black – Kevin Fenton
Man in the Sky – Carrie Grinstead
Border Law – JP Gritton
Necronauts – Ryan Habermeyer
In the Temple of the Fire Goddess – Barbara Hamby
Olga – Jenny Holden
El Morro – Phillip Hurst
The Hinterlands – Matthew Lansburgh
A Song For Billie – Jennifer Maritza McCauley
The Translation – Sheila Nayar
Not Coming Back – Cornelia Nixon
Breakup – Katja Perat
How We Deal With the Dead – Sam Ruddick
Water, A Novel – Nagueyalti Warren
The Familiar Ferry – William Williams
In the Riddle Sea – Brennan Wysong


The Grand Hotel – Elisabeth Lewis Corley
This Beauty Can Stay – Asha Dore
An American Girl – Richard Fellinger
Texan Gothic – Lauren Brazeal Garza
Fast Falls the Eventide – Bob Jolly
Medusa’s Bell – Trudy Lewis
Fast Moving Dreams – Lisa McCormack
A Period – Jo McKendry
The Pacific End – Jacob Anthony Moniz
The Wood Between the Worlds – Micah Perks
Rush – David Powell
When We Were Murderous Time-Traveling Women – Ellen Morris Prewitt
Before and After Collapse – Teo Rivera-Dundas
Grace – Joseph Schuster
Happy Family Farm – Bonnie Rough


We will choose the winner from the pool of finalists. Stay tuned!