The 2011 St. Lawrence Book Award – Finalists

All of the editors here at Black Lawrence Press are very pleased to present the finalists and semi-finalists for the 2011 St. Lawrence Book Award. We thank everyone who participated  and wish the best of luck to those who made it to the finalist round.

Poetry Finalists
Brenda Sieczkowski – Like Oysters Observing The Sun
Carolina Ebeid – Utopian Flying Machines of the Last Century
Darren Morris – The Future
Jennifer Beebe – Again an Oath in the Face of Absence
Jennifer Givhan – Red Sun Mother
Laura Donnelly – The Principle of Flickering
Russell Evatt – A Lake Instead of a Sea
Fiction Finalists
Adrian Van Young – The Man Who Noticed Everything: Tales
Christopher Bundy – Walking on the Moon
Joseph Ponepinto – Desperate Men, Desperate Measures
Joshua Green – Dirtyville Rhapsodies
Kelly Luce – Ms. Yamada’s Toaster
Lisa Gornick – Louisa Meets Bear
Mark Connelly – That Sardi’s Smile
Maureen Pilkington Rossi – Float And Other Stories This Side Of The Water
Roger Pincus – Waking Up in the Dark
Stace Budzko – Gimme Gimme Gimme: Stories
Steven Yates – Some Kinds of Love
Poetry Semi-Finalists
Annie Christain – Tall As You Are Tall between Them
Anthony Frame – A Generation of Insomniacs
Barbara Duffey – I Might Be Mistaken
James Najarian – Armenia, PA
Kathleen M Kelley – This Fickle Mind
Lucy Biederman Thirty – Years of Thursdays
Matthias Regan – Gapers’ Delay
Megan Lobsinger – The Last Chance Texaco
Michaela Essl – When you think you smell roses
Rebecca Kaiser Gibson – Listening In
Sara Talpos – Black Sea
Sarah Wangler – Bawl Ass
Fiction Semi-Finalists
Anne Valente – By Light We Knew Our Names
Jason Kapcala – North to Lakeville
Katey Schultz – Personae Of War
Kevin Lavey – Taking Possession
Rheea Mukherjee – In These Cities We Dreamed