A Fascinating and Enthralling Book of Poetry

Battiste_CoverIt’s short and–most importantly–sweet: a new review of Ink for an Odd Cartography by Michele Battiste in the August issue of Midwest Book Review.
The world possesses some strange geography, and not all of it is the environment. “Ink for an Odd Cartography” is Michele Battiste’s analysis of the landscape of life through poetry, hoping to map the needs and desires of people to better understand them. A fascinating and enthralling book of poetry, “Ink for Odd Cartography” is a great pick. “Sunday, March 14”: I have something to tell you./I went to your place to water your plants and found the toilet running./I fixed it, folded towels, washed a cup, picked away dead leaves./Still, your water bill is going to be phenomenal.
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