A New Review of SPEECH ACTS by Laura McCullough

Word For/Word loves Laura McCullough’s poetry collection Speech Acts:  “[McCullough’s poems] confront us with ourselves, our own identities, our own zones of comfort and understanding, our own concepts of self and of language. Ultimately, what McCullough gives us is a concomitance of poetic “speech acts” that are at once provocative, erotically charged, intellectually complex, and shockingly aware. In the context of 21st century Euro–American hyper–sexuality, I count it as quite an accomplishment that a collection of poems can titillate us so mischievously, so daringly, and so affectively while resisting the sordid ease and vacuity of sheer spectacle.” Read the entire review here, and buy yourself a copy of this terrific collection here. It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

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