An All Around Fascinating Entity

In his recent review of Michael Hemmingson’s Pictures of Houses with Water Damage, Grady Harp praised not only the book, but the publisher. Here are some of our favorite sections from the review:

Pictures of Houses with Water Damage, is not only a zinger of a title for a collection of short stories, but the packaging includes a fine book design by Steven Seighman and points to Black Lawrence Press as a leader in the contemporary publishing business, making this new book an all around fascinating entity.

Some of these stories may be as short as two pages in length but everyone of them carries a punch, a hurt, a bruise, and a feeling that there are a lot of other people in the world who have moments of not fitting in as we do. Hemmingson understands human behavior and pours it into his stew pot until it comes out both strange and real. These are some of the finest vignettes about the human condition available today!

We’re blushing! Order your copy of Pictures of Houses With Water Damage today.