Anis Shivani Interviewed by Dark Sky Magazine

The following is from Brian Allan Carr’s introduction to his interview with Anis Shivani in Dark Sky Magazine:

Anis Shivani’s debut collection, Anatolia and Other Stories (Black Lawrence Press, 2009), is packed with rich stories that span the globe. These linear-narrative gems are filled with intelligent and insightful musings.

Anatolia is a must read for anyone who is a fan of setting. The settings in this book — from Dubai to Texas — are rendered with precise detail, and they work as characters of their own, bringing a rich background to each of Shivani’s stories.

Shivani, who is well known for his criticism, was kind enough to discuss current literary trends, as well as his magnificently crafted debut…

You can read the entire interview here.

Anatolia and Other Stories is available from Black Lawrence Press and Amazon.