The Fierce Vulnerability Network

Deeply aware of the humbling enormity of the crises humanity is facing and our own imperfections, we are nonetheless determined to act. As we move forward, we pledge to listen, learn, experiment, and grow; to make our mistakes, adapt, and try, try again.

We are one element in an expansive movement ecosystem, a “movement of movements”, each part of which is essential. Within this movement ecosystem, FVN is called to two inseparable core commitments:

  • To contribute to racial healing and reconciliation by making and facilitating concrete acts of reparations.
  • To honor, uplift, and defend life through bold civil disobedience and creative initiative to address racial injustice and the climate emergency.

We are assembling direct action teams of courageous people who feel called and are prepared to uphold the network principles and practices (aka “the DNA”) outlined in our handbook.

We long to see what life wants to do through us. We resist the temptation, therefore, to predict or to attempt to shape the outcomes of this experiment by way of fine-tuned mission or vision statements. We simply hold trust that the teams we assemble – if true to the DNA – will offer beautiful and sacred gifts to the continuing struggle for justice and wholeness.

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