Black Lawrence Press at AWP ’24 in Kansas City

We look forward to seeing all of you who plan to attend AWP in Kansas City! Here are all the ways you can connect with Black Lawrence Press authors and editors…



Black Lawrence Press Events

Black Lawrence Immigrant Writing Series – Reading & Information Session

Date: Thursday, February 8

Time: 6-9 PM

Location: Belger Arts, 2011 Tracy Avenue, Crane Yard Gallery

Readers: Arthur Kayzakian, Aracelis Asendorf, Sun Yung Shin, Rigoberto Gonzalez, Ewa Chrusciel, Abayomi Animashaun

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Black Lawrence Reading

Date: Friday, February 9

Time: 6-9 PM

Location: Belger Arts, 2011 Tracy Avenue, Crane Yard Gallery

Readers: Adrian Van Young, Erin Hoover, Lisa Dordal, Jane Morton, Jill Stukenberg, Kirun Kapur, Marcela Sulak, Sheila Smith McKoy, Shubha Sunder

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Black Lawrence Press Haunted Happy Hour

Date: Saturday, February 10

Time: 5-6:30 PM

Location: Hi-Dive Lounge, 1412 W 39th Street

Readers: Mary Biddinger, Jenny Irish, Adam McOmber, Gwen Paradice, Adrian Van Young



Book Fair Booth & Book Signings

Please come see us at the book fair! We will be at booths 634 & 635. Here’s our signing schedule:

Thursday, February 8

10-11   Ruth Williams, Sheila Smith McKoy
11-12   Beth Mayer
12-1     JoeAnn Hart, Marcela Sulak
1-2       Becca Klaver, Kirun Kapur
2-3       Aracelis Asendorf, Erin Hoover
3-4       Simone Muench, Jackie K. White
4-5       Sarah Giragosian, Bettina Judd

Friday, February 9

10-11   Mary Biddinger, Gwendolyn Paradice
11-12   Elwin Cotman
12-1     Arisa White, Gaia Rajan
1-2       Jenny Irish
2-3       Adrian Van Young, Enzo Silon Surin
3-4       Carmen Estela Kennedy Saleh
4-5       Cynthia Manick, Shena McAuliffe

Saturday, February 10

10-11   Ananda Lima, JoAnna Novak
11-12   Daniel B Summerhill, Jane Morton
12-1     dsaqaJill Stukenberg
1-2       Todd Kaneko, Isaac Pickell
2-3       Arthur Kayzakian, Shubha Sunder
3-4       Alexandra Regalado, Adam McOmber



Author Panels & Events

Thursday, February 8

9:00 AM, Marcela Sulak: Stop Being So Dramatic!

12:10 PM, Michele Battiste: Writing Under the Influence: Accessing the Unknown through Divination

12:10 PM, Lisa Fay Coutley: In the Tempered Dark: Contemporary Poets Transcending Elegy

Friday, February 9

9:00 AM, Erin Hoover: Our Souths: Curating Spaces Against BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ Erasure

9:00 AM, Shena McAuliffe: Questions & Wonder: Science in Fiction

9:00 AM, Adam McOmber: Our First Universe: The Aesthetics of Home in Fiction

10:35 AM, Hilary Plum: Supporting Small-Press Authors

12:10 PM, Bettina Judd: Black Women As (Keepers of) the Archive: Photographs, Hybrid and Historical Text, Sponsored by Cave Canem

12:10 PM, Mary Biddinger: (More than) Crisis and Loss: Writing Female Midlife

1:45 PM, Lisa Dordal: Essential Queer Voices of U.S. Poetry

1:45 PM, Arisa White: Poet to Playwright: On the Dramatic Joy of Changing Hats

3:20 PM, Todd Kaneko: Whose Line Is It Anyway? The Ecstasy & Agony of Collaborative Books

3:20 PM, Arthur Kayzakian: Writing Within the Diaspora: On Persian and Armenian Displacement and Literature

Saturday, February 10

9:00 AM, Erin Hoover: Opening the Book on Publishing Pedagogy

1:45 PM, Nancy Reddy: Poets Learn to Pitch (& other practical tips for writing and publishing prose)