Books, Not Bigotry

books-not-bigotryDear Friends,

We are broken-hearted, but not broken. Here is how we triage our sorrow: we organize. Here is how we channel our fury: we act.

From now until the end of 2016, Black Lawrence Press will donate $1 to the American Civil Liberties Union for every book that is purchased through our site. You can learn more about the ACLU’s current efforts by following this link. We will post regular updates detailing the number of books sold and the amount of our donations both on our blog and our social media accounts. This donation will come 100% out of our company’s profits, and will not affect our authors’ royalties.

Our hearts, despite their heaviness, are still full and lucky. We believe that love and ideas and compassion will ultimately prevail over hate and myopia and greed. We believe in the transformative power of writing and reading.

To our friends in the LGBTQIA community, to our friends of color, to our friends of marginalized faiths, to our fellow women, we see you and we hold space for you.

In Solidarity,
The Black Lawrence Press Senior Editorial Team
Diane Goettel
Kit Frick
Yvonne Garrett
Angela Leroux-Lindsey