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Hollywood Buckaroo

Publication Date: October 2012


A man. No plan. A hamburger commercial. A wild west town. A mess. Black Lawrence Press is proud to present the winner of the inaugural Big Moose Prize. Tracy DeBrincat’s Hollywood Buckaroo takes place in the fictionalized world of Buckaroo, based on the real-­life movie set location of Pioneertown, California. A story about a guy coping with his father’s death while living out a twisted version of his dream before returning to a life he dreads, Hollywood Buckaroo is also a love letter to the movies, the afterlife, the high desert, tiny towns and big cities, dysfunctional families, broken hearts, broken legs, the Siamese twins of ambition and humiliation, despair and delight, Hells Angels, celebrity, infamy, William Carlos Williams, the possibility of aliens, and the supreme satisfaction of a really great shower.


“If Kurt Vonnegut teamed up with J.D. Salinger to write a teaser for Six Feet Under and The Coen Brothers filmed it, you’d have a sense of the gorgeous, off-beat, poetic, deep, astonishingly hilarious, intimate, touching family of characters that Tracy DeBrincat has created in Hollywood Buckaroo. It is rare that a writer with such a flagrant original voice is at the same time so solid and accessible. You will find yourself clutching this book tightly to your body”

-Hal Ackerman

Tracy DeBrincat–whose name alone should seduce–is snappy, winning, lightly perverse”

-Padgett Powell

Hollywood Buckaroo’s witty and engaging love-­hate relationship with the industry it so vividly portrays is as entertaining as a trip to the movies itself.”

-Ed Solomon

About the Author

Tracy DeBrincat

Tracy DeBrincat’s short story collection Troglodyte was awarded the 2012 Elixir Prize and published by Elixir Press in January 2014. Her novel Hollywood Buckaroo was awarded the inaugural Big Moose Prize and published by Black Lawrence Press, and the short story collection Moon Is Cotton & She Laugh All Night received a prize for innovative fiction and was published in 2010 by Subito Press (University of Colorado Boulder). She has published prize-winning short stories and poetry in literary journals from Another Chicago Magazine to Zyzzyva and authors the blog Bigfoot Lives! ( She is a freelance creative advertising consultant in the entertainment business and loves living in Los Angeles.

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