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ISBN: 978-1-937854-39-3
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The World of Rae English

Publication Date: February 2014


Rae English, a smart and witty young woman, is drawn to secretive men. It is the still straitlaced early sixties, the era of Mad Men where women are expected to be married and pretty. After a divorce from a disgraced politician, Rae relocates to Iowa City, hoping to find or conceal herself as a writer and to rediscover love.


“Lucy Rosenthal writes with the mirth and bite of the great Peter De Vries. I am amazed at how much fun she seems to be having while she fillets the pretentious and punctures the self-inflated. The smart reader will know enough to get out of her line of fire.”

-Billy Collins

The World of Rae English is a rare novel of wry eloquence. Its remarkable sentences delineate a fifties and sixties world full of disguises, and we watch its heroine blunder through the task of unmasking those around her, past and present. A wonderful book.”

-Joan Silber

Lucy Rosenthal’s The World of Rae English radiates the warmth, frankness and intelligence of its quirky heroine. In this uninhibited tale, Rosenthal perfectly captures the difficulties that smart women face in their search for love and self-definition. An absolutely addictive read.”

-Patricia Bosworth

Lucy Rosenthal has captured the heart and mind of a woman of our time, a player in the high stakes gamble on love and work. Savvy, moving and hilarious The World of Rae English brings an earthy American voice to our age of experience, updating the dilemmas Edith Wharton found in her own age of innocence.”

-Josephine Hendin

A witty and memorable portrait of a woman sensitive to deceit and drawn to the deceitful. The World of Rae English, barbed and strewn with secrets, is also the world of a daughter searching for love and learning to let go. A knowing, stunning book.”

-Dalia Sofer

About the Author

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Lucy Rosenthal

Lucy Rosenthal is the author of the novel The Ticket Out. The recipient of a Pulitzer Fellowship in Critical Writing, she has edited the anthologies Great American Love Stories, World Treasury of Love Stories, and The Eloquent Short Story: Varieties of Narration. She is on the writing faculty of Sarah Lawrence College and has also taught in the creative writing programs of Columbia and New York University. She lives in New York City.

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