The Lost Episodes of Revie Bryson

Publication Date: December 2012


Revie Bryson, a precocious and dreamy kid from Paris, Indiana, has decided he’s the second coming of Christ: and why not? His mother, a captivating performer and inventive storyteller, likes to tell him made-­ up Bible stories, which she claims are “lost episodes” or outtakes from the King James version. Wild as prophecy and seemingly just as coded, these charming and dangerous tales feature steel mills, cars, and transistor radios, among other artifacts not generally associated with life at the beginning of Anno Domini. After years of listening to these stories, is it really so far-­fetched for Revie to believe that God might show up on his doorstep one day like Ed McMahon and the Prize Patrol?

Faith can be fickle, though, and Revie’s belief in God and his family  is scuttled when his mother suffers a crisis of identity and leaves home to pursue her dreams of stardom in Hollywood. Over the course of a year, one family and one boy must learn to sacrifice and forgive in order to be born again.

Furuness’s writing is  operatic, sounding each note on the scale of human experience with precision and brio. As the novel navigates the tricky adult negotiations that sustain domestic mythologies and the bittersweet nature of adolescent discoveries, the readers is reminded that anyone can be subject to resurrection, with all its terror and promise, and that the winding journey toward love and salvation is life-long. By turns humorous and provocative, disquieting and heart-­warming, The Lost Episodes of Revie Bryson is a stunning debut you won’t soon forget.


“Years ago I read a short story that burrowed in so deeply I had to track down the author-one Bryan Furuness-and proceed to beg and bully him to write a novel. At last, here it is-as beautiful and hilarious, as crushingly tender and brutally hopeful as I’d ever hoped for. I cannot recall the last time I read a novel that made me bark with laughter and then break into tears.”

-Julianna Baggott

Revie Bryson is the best company anyone has found in a long time. Mouthy, smart, and mercilessly funny, he narrates his story with subversive cheekiness, making both our hearts and our sides ache. Furuness writes with deft elegance, never missing a step, and the world he creates practically vibrates, holding together so much rich, exuberant life. The Lost Episodes of Revie Bryson is the best debut novel to appear in years, and once readers have met Revie, they’ll never want to let him go”

-Erin McGraw

About the Author

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Bryan Furuness

Bryan Furuness is the author of a couple of novels, The Lost Episodes of Revie Bryson and the forthcoming Do Not Go On. He is the editor of the anthology My Name was Never Frankenstein: And Other Classic Adventure Tales Reanimated, and co-editor (along with Michael Martone) of Winesburg, Indiana. His stories have appeared in New Stories from the Midwest and Best American Nonrequired Reading, and elsewhere. He lives in Indianapolis, where he teaches at Butler University.

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