The Beautiful Wishes of Ugly Men

Publication Date: June 2012


Adam Prince’s highly anticipated debut, The Beautiful Wishes of Ugly Men, is a seduction in its own right, a striptease that peels all the way down to the soul. Men attempt to negotiate between their baroque imaginations and the realities of their actual lives in a dark, comic, nuanced, sexed-up collection of stories that might be offensive if it didn’t feel so true.

“The stories feature meth users and junior-high math teachers, old and young, dismal-apartment-poor and McMansion-rich,” writes Michael Ray Taylor in a recent review. “But at their core, each of the protagonists desperately asks the same question as Jim, the narrator’s friend in a surprisingly disturbing story called ‘No Women Tonight’ that is barely 300 words long: ‘We’re men, aren’t we?'”

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“To read The Beautiful Wishes of Ugly Men is to know the power and sweep of what short stories can do…Prince is a profoundly gifted and muscular writer, a writer who understands the intimacy of violence and the violence of intimacy, a writer you read again and again and again.”

-Bret Anthony Johnston

Women can learn more from these stories than from thousands of issues of Cosmopolitan.”

-Ellen Gilchrist

These stories scared the hell out of me.”

-Brad Watson

…dangerous as a knife fight.”

-Michael Knight

About the Author

Adam Prince

Born and raised in Southern California, Adam Prince earned his B.A. from Vassar College, his M.F.A. from the University of Arkansas, and his Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee. His award-winning fiction has appeared in The Missouri Review, The Southern Review, and Narrative Magazine, among others. His debut short story collection The Beautiful Wishes of Ugly Men was published with Black Lawrence Press. He is currently at work on a novel and various screenplays while serving as the Visiting Writer for the Stokes Center for Creative Writing at the University of South Alabama. See for more information.

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