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ISBN: 978-1-7327866-0-8
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When a Purple Rose Blooms

Publication Date: August 2018


In June of 2023, Black Lawrence Press welcomed numerous existing and forthcoming Nomadic Press titles to our catalogue. When a Purple Rose Blooms was originally published by Nomadic.

When a Purple Rose Blooms is a collection of poetry and essays that reflect writer Jeneé Darden’s journey through Black womanhood. With heart and humor, Darden engages us in conversations about race, love, sex and mental health. Like a rose, being a Black woman in this society comes with its thorns and beauty. Darden brings that complexity to every page.


When a Purple Rose Blooms is more than a series of essays and poems. Jeneé Darden’s debut collection is a homegrown Oakland spellbook, a womanist battle cry, a spiritual incantation of Black joy, self-love and healing for contemporary African American sistren.
Aya de León, Novelist and Director of Poetry for the People at UC Berkeley

A wealth of wisdom, humor, grit, warmth and sensuality. When a Purple Rose Blooms candidly shows a Black woman’s quest to embrace her entire self while navigating contemporary America. Very few works spit fire and water like this one. Darden gets to the core of what it means to feel without apology, love radically, and get Queened up while honoring the Queen in others as well.
Lyndsey Ellis, Writer, Editor and Award Recipient of 2018 Barbara Deming Memorial Fund

Jeneé Darden’s When a Purple Rose Blooms is a daring book of poems and essays, depicting family, pop culture, self-love, racism and other issues, especially those that impact women. This truth-telling book heralds with allusions, historical references, blues, East Oakland, and intergenerational camaraderie, praise, and “God’s Image.” These poems and essays tell us what’s happening, and display much intelligence.
Lenard D. Moore, author of The Geography of Jazz, Associate Professor of English at the University of Mount Olive

About the Author

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Jeneé Darden

Jeneé Darden is an award-winning journalist, author, public speaker and mental health advocate from Oakland, Calif.  She has reported for NPR, Marketplace, TIME Magazine Europe, The Los Angeles Times, Ebony, Refinery29, Shondaland and other outlets. She is the author of When a Purple Rose Blooms (Black Lawrence Press), a collection of essays and poetry about her personal journey through Black womanhood, Jeneé curates the reading Let Her Tell It! about Black women and mental health. Her work is also published in We've Been Too Patient: Voices from Radical Mental Health, Previously on X-Men: The Making of an Animated Series and Patrice Lumumba: An Anthology of Writers on Black Liberation. Jeneé holds a BA in ethnic studies from UC San Diego and a master’s in journalism from the University of Southern California. She's a former National Book Foundation Summer Writing fellow. When the mic is off and her pen is down., Jeneé loves to go to the beach, dance, read, travel, watch superhero films and Star Trek shows. Follow her blog www.CocoaFly.com and her website www.jeneedarden.com.

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