BRCC Semi-Finalists Announced

We’re very pleased to announce the semi-finalists for the Spring 2011 Black River Chapbook Competition. Thanks so much to everyone who participated and congratulations to those who made it to the semi-finalist rounds! We look forward to announcing the finalists soon.
Albert Abonado- The Boondocks of Epitaphs
Brian Nicolet- Ode to a Means to an End
Christopher Munde- Hollowing the Foundation
Christopher Roberts- Godfrey & Linda and the Act of Love
Erin Bertram- Be Gone Sadness, Be Gone Woe, & Come Hither My Friend Hope
Iris Law- Periodicity
Jeffrey Schneider- Typical Days
Jesse DeLong- Most Moments, in Sawgrass and Nettles
John Martino- Reactions in Blue
Ken Taylor- Modern Art History
Matthew Minicucci- Reliquary
Nathaniel Rudavsky-Brody The West of France
Paula Brancato- Money
Rachel Patterson- If I am Burning
Rajiv Mohabir- Anandamritakarshini
Richard Newman- In Praise of Asphalt
Russell Swensen- Santa Ana
Sabrina Dalla Valle- 7 Days and Nights in the Desert
Sarah Gutowski- Fabulous Beast
Sean Hill- Bemidji Blues
Susan Slaviero- Selections from the Murder Book
Temple Cone- Eclogue of the Wonder at the Resurrection of the Wheat
Wendy Xu- The Hero Poems
Carol Test-  Conversational English
Debbie Ice- Dirty Sweet Smell of Summer
Don Peteroy- Let’s Worry About Radon
Jill Widner- Before the Rain
John Colasacco- Klaus and Jill
Lisa Perkins- Help
Nicholas Kimbro- Recipes for Hunger: A Necromancer’s Guide to Self-Fulfilled Longing
Rachel Levy- Necessary Objects
Stace Budzko- Gimme, Gimme, Gimme: Stories