Congratulations, David Rigsbee!

We’re proud to announce that David Rigsbee’s poem “Russians” has received a Pushcart Prize! “Russians,” which was included in David’s recent collection of selected works, will appear in his forthcoming BLP release School of the Americas. Congrats, David!
It wasn’t the end when
my girlfriend handed me the phone
in the middle of the night and said,
“Here.  Say hello to my husband.”
And it wasn’t the end of anything
when another grabbed the wheel at 70
and screamed, “I could pull this
right off the road right now!
I could do it right now!”
Those frenzies have passed
into something like the memory
of a good novel, weighted in one’s lap
when the day is cleared,
and there’s nothing left to do
but look in on the Russians
passing out at the feet of their superiors,
emptying their wallets into the fireplace,
throwing their brain-stuffed heads
before the locomotive of History,
rather than face the vivid memory
of errors committed when the face
was hot and stared into the eyes
of that intransigent, that other face.